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Drawing Time - Fashion Illustration.

Had fun with some drawing last night keeping to my intentions of doing some at least once a week. The kind of drawing I do is dependant on the first kind of medium I can lay my hands on effortlessly that late at night - be it a pen or a blunt pencil. In this case a reasonably sharp 2B pencil which I love for the variation of texture but dislike for the smudging. Sometimes I'm too lazy to find something to copy from so these are not strictly observational drawings - the kind that are good for training the eye -  but generally fun and the ones below are a good example of getting too tired, drawing straight from the head and the 2B getting quite blunt as I went along. However that made it nice to render a nice warm wool effect so a lot of the girls got hats! Why do I always fall back on fashion illustration? I've been wondering that. It's like a guilty pleasure. I remember when I was little watching my mother doodle while on the phone and they were always of this 1960s pop a…

Still Loving Yellow - and Crochet Too....

Mountain Goth
Maybe it's the cold weather but  right now it's the combination of yellow and wool that's putting a smile on my face. I want to own all of these - found on Etsy of course. Wishing too I could be so clever as to make them myself. Check out the etsy links below the images to see some master handiwork!

Some Time Drawing.

Four weeks of holidays, hoping for some time to draw and this is all I have managed. I call her Goose Girl (any guesses why?) and even used some gauche for the goose! Just doing this little bit felt good. I was thinking of committing to doing one small drawing session a week, most likely after 9 pm when everyone is settled and I'm in front of the tv, chores done, then posting it here. This way  I wont have big lapses of time with no drawing at all like these past few months. What do you think? Too ambitious on top of study and homelife?

More Brooch Making.

I've been inspired by my last brooch making effort for Susie's Brooch Swap, and all the encouraging comments, to make another one. This time for my four year old niece, Clara. Something about the pink hair, alabaster skin and long black lashes made it hers before it was done. Plus living in Sydney I don't get to see her nearly enough so must send up little treats to reserve that place she has in her heart for me till I see her next! Its on it's way up now...

Karen Inderbitzen-WAller. The Selby.

I have fallen in love with this house currently featured at The Selby. A 1960s bungalow in Auckland, New Zealand belonging to karen inderbitzen-walller and delphine avril planqueel. It makes such a nice change from what serves as usual interiors eye candy which is often too perfect and over styled -  to the point of wondering if any body actually lives there. Check these pics out and you'll see what I mean - there is no question somebody lives here. I only wish I could go hang out there with the owners, having a cuppa on that old yellow settee in that sun room and then a long leisurely trawl through their nick knacks, book shelves and magazine collection.

Go here to see the lot including the amazing pink kitchen, bed cover made from a vintage girdle collection and a back yard you can see yourself having a picnic in. Happy viewing!

Blossoms In The Dark Heart Of July.

Earlier this week was one of the bleakest days this place has to offer. Dark, bitterly cold and inhospitable. The best place to be was home and in bed. And I would have stayed there but for the pressing need for groceries and scripts waiting to be filled. So off to the shops it was. And that's where I found these blossoms - incongruously in bloom on this darkest of days. Amazing! I know this row of trees and that they do bloom out of season every year but this early? Just as we make our slide into the coldest most inhospitable month? I had no choice but to get my trusty camera out and exercise my amateur photography skills...

My Brooch Arrives - Hooray!

Wow! This is the first thing I said when I saw my brooch from the swap organised by Flowerpress. How amazing - Calli Vanderwilde had taken my Luna Landing illustration and laser cut it. It looks so cute burnt onto wood like that. I have no idea how you do this kind of thing but I'm impressed! Big Thankyou Calli. And also to Susie from Flowerpress for organising the brooch swap in the first place. I'd definitely be in for a repeat next year if she is up to it.

Dark Heart of July plus YELLOW SHOES!!!!

So it's July and I'm reminded again how dark and bitterly cold this month can be around here. Worse so stuck at home with the flu. That's why when I saw this picture on A Beautiful Mess I had to steal it and put it up on my blog for the pure joy of those colours together and the thought of finding a pair of yellow shoes just like that.....

Sculpture Gone Surreal.

Ifanyone remembers my efforts earlier this year at sculpting my own head  - with exact measurements - and plenty of struggle along the way (getting each degree of 360 accurate was a headache - no pun intended!) then this is what became of Part Two - abstracting the finished head in line with an art movement or some other element of inspiration. I chose Surrealism because I wanted to explore a recurrent dream I'd been having about houses - dreams where I 'd be in a familiar house that would suddenly reveal itself to have an unfamiliar room, doorway, hall etc. There were many variations but the constant was a sense of discovery. Sometimes it was disturbing. Sometimes it was exhilarating. I'd expressed this a while before in some of my illustrations, finding that my figures were ending up with houses atop their heads. It's a classic dream I suppose but what I didn't know while I was doing this part of the sculpture was of an amazing exhibition that had taken place in…