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Drawing Time - Fashion Illustration.

Had fun with some drawing last night keeping to my intentions of doing some at least once a week. The kind of drawing I do is dependant on the first kind of medium I can lay my hands on effortlessly that late at night - be it a pen or a blunt pencil. In this case a reasonably sharp 2B pencil which I love for the variation of texture but dislike for the smudging. Sometimes I'm too lazy to find something to copy from so these are not strictly observational drawings - the kind that are good for training the eye -  but generally fun and the ones below are a good example of getting too tired, drawing straight from the head and the 2B getting quite blunt as I went along. However that made it nice to render a nice warm wool effect so a lot of the girls got hats! Why do I always fall back on fashion illustration? I've been wondering that. It's like a guilty pleasure. I remember when I was little watching my mother doodle while on the phone and they were always of this 1960s pop art style girls face from a Brenda Starr comic (see below) of which she was a big fan. Always the same face and I just thought it was so cool. I might see if I can get her to reproduce one for me even though it's decades (!!!) since I last saw her doodle like that.


those are great drawing- I did some drawing yesterday but am trying to make templates for embroidery projects.
Murgatroyd said…
Liking the beret ladies!
i like! it's therapeutic to draw what you know, don't u think? like a wind down.
Kylie said…
Wow! Great work Jo :) My doodles are always geometrics, so I think your flowing limbed ladies are mighty cool :) Kx
Minnado said…
I love these, great drawings. Did it feel relaxing to draw for yourself?
Luna said…
Hi minnado. Thankyou and yes, I think I do it mainly to relax, but the results aren't great when I'm tiring :)
blue moss said…
Great've certainly been busy. Yeah for you.

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