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Little Yellow Felted Flower.

I REALLY love this little felted flower brooch I found on sale for $5 from Etsy seller Mountain Goth (even though you can't tell from the pic - must improve self portrait camera technique!). I have been 'teaming' it with my inky blue wool jacket and this combination has provided no end of delight throughout this current flu season which seems to have had me otherwise by the neck these last couple of months. Funny how little things can make a big difference. How colour and texture can lift. I hope not to remember this winter by the illness but instead by this luxury wool combo :)

A Bit Of Drawing.

Some more fairyland type doodling, adding to something I begun about a year ago. Fun to feel pencil on paper and nice to relax with, rather than engage this semesters course work while battling a couple of viruses. Week four and I think I'm already looking at an extension for an installation art piece involving the creation of latex moulds that will allow me to reproduce a series of anatomically correct (I hope) plaster reproductions of a human heart. A bit creepy...but maybe not so far removed from fairy tales after all...snow white anyone?

I'm A Bit Obsessed With...

...this song at the moment "Somebody That I used To know" by Gotye featuring Kimbra. Doesn't it capture beautifully the strangeness and difficulty of having known someone intimately when now they are a stranger to you?  Favourite line of all: You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness. 
Looking forward to the whole album coming out later this month :)

A Hit Of Spring.

This is exactly what I am needing today. A hit of strong colour and floral extravagance to keep me going until these winter clouds lift. Taken from Vogue US August issue, starring Racquel Zimmerman as the flower girl and shot by Steven Klein. Editorial titled Late Bloomers, the Northern Hemisphere is having to drink up the last of summer while here we can only imagine it....


A dark rainy Saturday after a week of almost spring like weather. A friend calls this "Sucker's spring" in Canberra - fooling us into thinking our bunkering down for the sub zero nights is over and that we can now emerge back into the sun in t-shirts with renewed life - only to plunge us back into the freeze for the next month. Cruel.  A couple of cool etsy finds this morning - an original oil painting by one of my favourite etsy artists Vivienne Strauss above and below this too cool scarf by Celapiu. Hope you are having a great Saturday! Rusty Foks "and she grew..." by Matchstickgirl.

Tracey Emin Lite.

Tracey Emin was my chosen contemporary artist for Contextual Studies last term. I didn't know a lot about Trace before that choice, only that she'd made some pretty cool quilts which had subverted the idea of traditional quilt making by appliquéing her thoughts and messages onto them in large felt letters. The subversive bit coming from the nature of her thoughts - angry, tormented recollections from her difficult upbringing which included several incidents of sexual abuse by her mum's boyfriend, a stranger and then a rape at age 13 by an older boy from school. Then the promiscuous teenage years ending in her reputation as a the town slut. I love that quilting is such a traditional female past time and that women throughout history have probably stitched away as therapy for whatever was going on in their lives - their anguishes and joys somehow being stitched in as they went. However here Emin actually spells it out in uncomfortable truths that meet the viewing eye. See mo…