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Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful advice or just nice thoughts on my last post. Two weeks is up tomorrow and I've decided to go ahead and continue with the study. It's not what I thought I'd be doing this year but maybe it's for the best. I didn't want a year of not being creative and I do tend to lack focus without the direction of study I go I guess....(deep breath)..... On the relaxing front I have been putting the web to good use and stumbling around a few sites that made me laugh. A lot. You know when you are so tired/stressed and something makes you laugh and laugh. And laugh...And you have to wonder whether it's really that funny or you are just on the verge of....well the verge really. See what you think of Awkward Family Photos. Maybe you've seen it already. Maybe it's so funny because you see a little bit of your own awkwardness reflected back at you? Whatever it is, it did the trick for me. The other site is Informaniacs - a…

A Long Valentines Day.

Happy Valentines day to everyone out there. Hope it was a good one. Mine? Decent enough. A pretty bloom cut from the rogue rose garden flourishing at the side of the house, despite neglect, accompanied with the poem "Roses are red, Voilets are blue, Can't afford to buy one, So this one will do" written perhaps in response to the Nazi like hold I have taken on household finances to keep us in the red. Crap job - it's not making me popular - but someone's got to do it right? Back on to the decision of whether to study or not this year - a bit of an upheaval yesterday after I had decided I would defer till 2013 due to a feeling of being burnt out on all fronts. I emailed my lecturer asking was there anything I should think about before making this decision and he mentioned that the course was up for it's accreditation at the end of the year and from the sound of it was going to be so extensively reworked I may not end up with credit for what I have done. What??…

Pretty Pics For Tired Eyes.



Source Feeling kind of lethargic today. Kids back at school and getting back with the whole routine - lunches to be made and no more sleep ins! Still trying to figure out whether to study again this year or take the year off. Last year was exhilarating but thoughts of still kind of burnt out despite the hols. Hence maybe the lethargy. So for any one else out there with tired eyes today here are some pretty pics to liven them up. Always works for me!

The Well Placed Hint.

Never underestimate the power of a well placed hint. Or in other words your blog as a vehicle for letting friends and family know what you want. Tacky? Perhaps. But apparently effective. I realised today that many of my Christmas presents were solicited on this blog. Except for the two design books by Marnie Fogg. In that instance shameless lobbying might best describe the end result.

The Gotye CD I was blogging about in October was better than even expected  and the Scooter I blogged about in August. Maybe not the exact one I was blogging about but still, a scooter. A little one from the Oxfam shop crafted from tin scraps. I may not be able to ride it around Milan as imagined but I still love it.

Sabine Timm.

Adorable mini collections and illustrations from Sabine Timm. I can't resist these, mainly for my doll house fetish, what a great twist she brings to the world of miniatures. And all that tiny retro furniture. Where does she get it I wonder?