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Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful advice or just nice thoughts on my last post. Two weeks is up tomorrow and I've decided to go ahead and continue with the study. It's not what I thought I'd be doing this year but maybe it's for the best. I didn't want a year of not being creative and I do tend to lack focus without the direction of study I go I guess....(deep breath).....
On the relaxing front I have been putting the web to good use and stumbling around a few sites that made me laugh. A lot. You know when you are so tired/stressed and something makes you laugh and laugh. And laugh...And you have to wonder whether it's really that funny or you are just on the verge of....well the verge really.
See what you think of Awkward Family Photos. Maybe you've seen it already. Maybe it's so funny because you see a little bit of your own awkwardness reflected back at you? Whatever it is, it did the trick for me.
The other site is Informaniacs - a humorous cartoon take on social media I came by via Brown Paper Bag. I haven't gone down the twitter path but the themes are not unfamiliar to me or the concept of blogging. Maybe you might see yourself in some of Mathew Thurbers sharp observations I've copied here?

LOL! have a great week :)


Kylie said…
Yep, laughter is the best medicine. (Need some of that myself at the moment). Glad that you feel happy with your decision to study. I'll be sending good vibes your way ;) Kx
Minnado said…
I managed to miss your last post but I am glad you are feeling good about your decision. i am looking forward to seeing what you make pn your course this year. I agree laughter helps a lot! x
Tania said…
Oh geez. I've a doozy of a decision ahead of me in the next couple of weeks. I figure sooner or later the planets will align and all will become clear - right? RIGHT? Best of luck on that study front...

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