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The Well Placed Hint.

Never underestimate the power of a well placed hint. Or in other words your blog as a vehicle for letting friends and family know what you want. Tacky? Perhaps. But apparently effective. I realised today that many of my Christmas presents were solicited on this blog. Except for the two design books by Marnie Fogg. In that instance shameless lobbying might best describe the end result.

The Gotye CD I was blogging about in October was better than even expected  and the Scooter I blogged about in August. Maybe not the exact one I was blogging about but still, a scooter. A little one from the Oxfam shop crafted from tin scraps. I may not be able to ride it around Milan as imagined but I still love it.


karenw said…
Loving the scooter!! Glad the books are all you hoped for as well, too often they can be dissappointing...

Hope Archie got a good teacher, Henry is in Jocelyn James' class - very pleased with that! See you Tuesday, text me a time for coffee and I will be there! x
Minnado said…
Books look very good. Your hints must have paid off! My family don't read my blog, maybe I need to make them so they can pick up on my hints! The scooter is very sweet - keep dreaming of the real one though. It is the sort of thing that has to go on a high shelf in my house.
blue moss said…
Love it when people use my blog to find me things,,,,cause it really is just a big wish. Those books look great.

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