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Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 12/13 Collection.

What do you think of the latest collection from Louis Vuitton to walk down the runway? It's like turn of the century meets 60s psychedelia meets so many others things I don't know where to start. Nonetheless I love it. I love the hats, the long sleek, layered silhouettes, the metallics, the bejewelling, the feathers...the whole thing. Only Marc Jacobs could have pulled this off...
(Afterthought - is it just me or is there something really Dr Suess about this collection??)

Marc Jacobs

I like all Marc jacob's collections but his latest really appeals even though I know in many ways it looks unwearable. I've already posted on it but cant help but want to share the current campaign for the collection. I've read criticism of this collection being over the top - unwearable by anyone but Helena Bonham Carter etc etc - but I just love the creativity/eccentricity.  I don't think Marc Jacob's expects anyone to actually go out dressed in character like in these photos but for me they inspire and delight way beyond just ideas about wardrobe. The pattern, the texture, the colour and the pushing the boundaries on proportion and wearable silhouettes. All that.

My Idea Of Camping.

I couldn't resist reblogging this indoor tent I found on Spanish blog transito inicial. It pretty much fits with my concept of camping. Especially with the endless rain going on in this part of the world.

Fashion Photography To The Rescue.

I love these pics of Spanish label Bimba and Lola's Spring 2012 campaign by photographer Alice Rosati. The soft pastel hues make such a great background for the retro inspired designs and brilliantly colourful accessories. Brightness today to guard against the ongoing gloomy skies and rain. Also as procrastination fodder for a the Study Semester's major brief handed out last week. I'd been looking forward to the greater freedom this course allowed but now I'm seeing the problems of too much freedom and a lack of prescription - so hard to know where to begin.