Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Marc Jacobs

I like all Marc jacob's collections but his latest really appeals even though I know in many ways it looks unwearable. I've already posted on it but cant help but want to share the current campaign for the collection. I've read criticism of this collection being over the top - unwearable by anyone but Helena Bonham Carter etc etc - but I just love the creativity/eccentricity.  I don't think Marc Jacob's expects anyone to actually go out dressed in character like in these photos but for me they inspire and delight way beyond just ideas about wardrobe. The pattern, the texture, the colour and the pushing the boundaries on proportion and wearable silhouettes. All that.


Kylie said...

Oh yum! They are the most gorgeous yellow finds :) Thanks for this. Kx

SueT said...

Love it all - and love the fact that yellow is still an obsession - you can celebrate yellow day with me again come June 18th!

Minnado said...

oooh, I love them, especially the simple belted dress and the sofa. BTW I nominated you for a Sunshine Award over at my blog - it's a couple of posts back. I don't know what you think about these blog awards, but here's one for you! x