Saturday, April 7, 2012

Artists Book: Intimate/Obscure.

For a while now I've been meaning to put up the results of some lino printing I did last year for an artists book. The book was in response to a brief called "Intimate/Obscure"which required autobiographical detail obscured within three lino prints (described as Space, Posture and Energy) and remains one of my favourite things to have done these past two years. Given I love books as a close second to art I found this an almost  dream project. Not that you could tell that from blog posts at the time which record my almost paralysing intimidation at the talent around me and of the lino itself. Eventually I pushed through and was glad I did. When prints come through the press, all graphic and crisp, even amateur efforts give nice results.
The other reason this is one of my favourite projects was the conceptual opportunities it opened up. I love the way accordion books can be opened from one side and then be another book completely on the other. I decided to exploit this by using two competing theories of 'self' to obscure what would have otherwise been too intimate. I kept the lino side as Biological Determinism with it's sharp graphic imprint and the subjects of the prints themselves elements I regard as intrinsic to myself. The other side opposed with Existentialism as it's context - a collage of life experiences that come together in a way that has no specific meaning but to help build a self image. For example I use bits of letters and mirrors and frames as a way of suggesting we build a self through not just experience but in how others reflect us back to ourselves and that that process is constantly being reframed. For now I like to remember the fear pushed through to create this as I try once more this semester to confront my limitations and a new brief that leaves me full of doubts and trepidation.


gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

it's fantastic!
can relate to the fear/block at the beginning of a new and big project like that.

Getrealmommy said...

Love this. I think it may be my favorite of your work so far!

Shade of Whim said...

LOVE!!! x

Kylie said...

Oh I love it! Great work Jo :) I feel that fear every time I screen print - lifting the screen and wondering if I've pushed hard enough, or flooded the screen too much etc etc. It is a bit of a thrill, isn't it? ;) Thanks for sharing your work - it's fabulous. Kx

M blinksell said...

Such a privilege Jo to be an onlooker early in this process - as you tossed around ideas - and to see the development + translation of your dreaming/imagining...!!!The lino cuts are striking! A medium that suits you so well inspite/because of trepidations?!!! WOW! I love the flow across the work & text. I'm looking forward to seein the 'existential' side -in the flesh. Thanks for sharing so much of your creative spirit - and of you amiga. I'm hopin to see you real soon! Mx