Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Marc Jacobs 12/13 Collection - A Dr Suess Moment.

Ok, now I definitely think Marc Jacobs is having a Dr Suess moment. The oversized hats, shoe buckles and safety pins, the crazy silhouettes.... If you are not convinced of the Dr Suess theme check out the stage set for his runway show on this you tube video below.


Nikki said...

I love a bit of Dr Suess in a fashion collection... I especially love seeing knitted wraps and big pins (designer fashion for crafty chicks!).

Sue said...

I think I prefer the Louis Vitton collection.

Kylie said...

Oh yes... it's fun isn't it? I love Dr Seuss but I can't help feeling it all detracts from (instead of adding to / complementing) the fashion which is actually really interesting. Yah for the continued interest in the big knit :) Kx