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And the winner is....Me!

How often do you enter giveaways? I only enter them if I really, really want the giveaway because somehow it just doesn't seem worth the odds - and I never win so those are the odds. And given those odds I forget about the giveaway seconds after I leave my comment/entry. So it was just the most unusual and amazing thing when I found an oldish message in my inbox from Kylie at Paravent (formerly known as the artist from 3 Sheets) letting me know I had won her cushion giveaway. I must have seemed like the rudest person, just ignoring the email, not replying with even a basic thank you. Anyway to say I was dumbfounded is an understatement. I wanted these cushions really really badly. I immediately made contact fearful she had given up on me and done a redraw! When the cushions arrive and I saw them in person my jaw dropped. They are amazing. Not just cool but handmade flawlessly. Integrity all the way! Clever Kylie and lucky, lucky me.