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Apologies In Advance For The Gloom.

I am in my final semester of study now, meaning in a couple of short months I will graduate after having presented to the world (ie meaning family, friends and those interested in the work of soon to graduate Visual Artists) a body of work that says a lot about my abilities, technical skill, thought processes, approach to art and just approach to life generally. Ultimately I would like my work to offer the viewer an illuminative and uplifting world view and yet that is very far off from the place i am sitting right now. Illness, I am sorry to say has me by the throat. I hate giving in to it. But today I yearn to. Enough of the pushing through, enough of the painful crawl towards deadlines. Why, I wonder today, don't I ever take the illness into account when I set about a new semester with excitement, planning a grand body of work that is destined to keep me in a state of stress and pressure for the endurance and lead to these inevitable moments of just wanting to toss it in or at it's very least scale it down drastically? I wont of course, just yet - I can surely come up with something, I hope,  but it wont be what I planned or what I could manage under different circumstances....and that's kind of disappointing.
And then there is the very real fear that I wont come up with anything at all.
It's early days for Intrgram and the fact is I have witnessed some little miracles already on the microbial/bacterial front (a wonder to behold as infected cuts and scrapes heal before my eyes) but no help on the viral front. Hopefully that's in time.
So here is my work, so far...I haven't got much energy today to describe it but suffice here to say I'm mixing assemblage with textiles and concepts like Ostranenie with the philisophical contexts of existentialism and absurdism. Lots of anatomical visual references and building off previous works I've shown here before with zines and artists books.
So enough of my pessimistic words.


Getrealmommy said…
Hey-looking forward to seeing more!

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