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Face To Face With Real Life Prada (Plus Notes On My Doctor).

I've been seeing the same doctor for twenty years now and I owe him a lot (not money, he gets heaps of that from me) but my sanity for diagnosing what no one else could throughout my childhood.  Doggedly, throughout that time, he persisted where others gave up - never once saying "get used to it, this is as good as it can be for you" but persisting with immunologists until I qualified for the immunotherapy program I'm on now. And for this I am full of gratitude. Nonetheless he can be a selfish man. For example moving to Sydney so that instead of it taking Fifteen minutes to get to his surgery it now takes Four Hours (that's right he thoughtlessly moved to the North side of the bridge, complicating the whole trip hence that fourth extra hour). What's more they love him so much in Sydney he can put his fees up astronomically and only has to work two days a week instead of four (they just didn't get him in conservative old Canberra). Hence I can really only get to see him once a year now, twice at best, and then rely on pricey phone calls I can't get a rebate for. But as you know I am nothing if not optimistic, not one to easily complain, glass half full, lemonade, not lemons blah blah.....

So here is the upside to a situation where someone I am so dependent on has semi removed themselves from my life: I get to go to Sydney - busy, thriving city with better weather than from where i come from! And stay with my sister! And see my gorgeous soon to be Five year old niece! Not good enough for you? How about this then (and here's where I really get to sound like a country hick)? Hang out in the city where I come face to face with a real life Prada store situated adjacently from a real life Mui Mui store! Which is exactly what I did, while my energy held out. Despite being dressed with no thought at all (jeans so comfortable they were on just this side of a track suit) I did not hesitate to go in. Miuccia Prada is one of my favourite designers. I adore what she does with colour, pattern, form and concept. But I had always wondered if seeing the clothes in real life - not glossed up in advertorial and magazine editorial - would be a bit of a let down, just clothes after all. They were gorgeous. Like museum pieces. My Five year old niece and I danced around Mui Mui enchanted with the glitter encrusted heel Mary Janes "Don't touch" I told her picking them up. It's not even as if this season is my favourite of collections. But I could not take my eye off the 70s inspired rock star suits or the long chunky bead encrusted tunics. I can see how if you had the money and bought just one of these designer pieces it would be hard to go back. Back to your just this side of a tracksuit jeans. Guess it's lucky then I have devoted my wallet instead to my big city designer Doctor.. :)


Murgatroyd said…
Glad you can still find a silver lining to a frustrating situation. Thoroughly enjoyed the Prada pattern fest...x
Kylie Hunt said…
I can totally understand why you still go to him, and yes, the 'lemonade' of getting a trip to Sydney etc is great... but omg, what a selfish man! I mean, you should get credit for travelling from Canberra and get charged at the old rates at least!! ;) Great pics! Kx

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