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Moschino Cheap And Chic 2012 Plus Distraction Techniques.

I don't have much time to blog at the moment - not just creating thoughtful posts but visiting other blogs as well. The thought of only 2-3 weeks before my exhibition and nearly half the work left to do (thats right half) makes me feel a bit nauseaus. Fashion blogging seems to be my default position then - a happy distraction and a way to keep connected in someway to the world of blogging. Here we have the Moschino Cheap and Chic Fall 2012 collection. as usual crazy, eclected, colouful and exciting. Love this - it's a bit of everything, pattern, texture, patchwork, colour blocking and retro touches with the silhouettes - which always seems to be the touchstone for what draws me in.

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Orla Kiely Winter 2012

Source Winter 2012 is over in the Southern hemisphere so I really should focus on how happy I am to feel the weather getting warmer, but then I see these cute black retro silhouette type looks from Orla Kielly's Winter collection and I start hankering for black tunics, coats and three quarter sleeves, which is crazy. Also crazy is talking and blogging fashion when I've got so much art work to complete in so little time. Truth is I'm not having much 'luck'. I'm working when I can but not making enough progress, technique is at times eluding me and another trip to the hospital on Monday looms threatening to wipe out another week. The ever understanding teaching staff are happy for me to delay my assessment but that means missing the graduation exhibition which to me is kind of the whole point... So no light as such at the end of the tunnel as yet but I'm not giving up on the exhibition until I absolutely have no choice. Next post I aim to start putting up som…