Monday, September 17, 2012

Zombies Hate Stuff.

Day nine since the first Intragram infusion and still feeling like I've done ten rounds in the ring. Today got sick of all the net surfing from bed and persuaded C to take me out to The National Portrait Gallery even though he had taken the day off to organise various household things that needed organising. I was too unwell to actually roam the exhibitions but we had a coffee in the cafe and then took on the book shop which has to be the best arts book shop I've encountered. Heaps of brilliant books were added to my wish list but it's this novelty one that really lit my day up - Zombies Hate Stuff. Who knew? According to the author Greg Stones zombies hate all kinds of things. They're pretty disgruntled types but what they particularly hate is kittens, clowns, weddings, sharing, re-gifting and war re-enacters. They also hate...


Hippies and...

Mannequins (and regifting).

Read a little more about Greg Stone here where he guest blogs and interviews himself.
Thank you Greg Stones. You made my day :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hellooooo Intragram!

I haven't been much of a blogger lately - busy trying to come up with something 'amazing' for my end of year graduate exhibition. Don't ask me what that something 'amazing' is because I don't have it yet and am a bit worried my ideas are more in the 'lame' category rather than 'amazing' category. I've developed a bad case of flagging confidence manifesting itself in some impressive procrastination skills I didn't know I had - and not the productive kind where I might blog creatively or read a good book. More a kind of denial stupor. Bit worried. So here I am now trying to pull myself out of it by engaging with something a bit creative and proactive and hopefully that will spin off into this fantastic body of art work that will justify the last two and a half years of dogged effort. At the very least I will have achieved a blog post.

So not my usual kind of eye candy photo but yesterday was my longed for first infusion of Intragram. So what does a struggling blogger do while being infused with other peoples immune systems? They take a photo of their hospital lunch of course. Furtively I might add.
 So  yesterday was the first of twelve treatments in a year long trial. It went pretty well, except for the first nurse 'tissue - ing' my vein. I hate that word - hearing her call a botched effort that was worse than it happening. Second bad thing was realising my ipod wan't charged up and third bad thing was the environment - an airless, crowded room down the corridor from Emergency they call Hospital In The Home which brings the expectation there'll be a few crochet rugs tossed about. Maybe they should call it Hospital in the Dungeon though. There were some small windows but they look into other smaller peach coloured dungeons. I felt so sorry for the staff who work in there every day. When I arrived they said "Whats it like outside now?" I was sorry to tell them it was our first beautiful, clear skied, warm spring day. 
But for the upsides: The toasty warm blanket the nurse gave me fresh from wherever they get toasty warmed up blankets; the fact I tolerated the treatment; the fact I'm getting the treatment at all and the fact there are people out there donating their blood to make products like Intragram so I can have this chance. It's too early yet to know if it will work (hence the word 'trial') but to be sure today I feel as though I've been hit by a freight train. And I'm choosing to see that as a good sign.
Anyway enough about medicine. Stay tuned for my next post where I describe my trip last week to Sydney to see my sister and found myself stepping inside a Real. Live. Prada. Store.