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The Black Wall - Another Holiday Project Ticked off.

Painting the kitchen wall chalkboard black with the left over paint from my graduate work was on the January holiday 'get it done' list. I'd been waiting for just the right day to do it - that is one where both the courage and the energy for the job co- incided. In the end no energy was forthcoming so I just went with the courage bit and 'soldiered' through on automatic (yes, brave me). It was a case of Now or Never - I'd been thinking about it for ages. However the 'no energy' bit explains the slightly crap job I did of it. Cutting in with black is an art for steady hands and patience. But from a distance you can't tell. As our living area is very open planned it's hard to miss this new black wall. But my partner is oblivious to such things and it was entertaining for us to see how long it would take him on arriving home before noticing. In the end we just had to point it out otherwise  it could have been a very long night. My verdict? It'…

The Sweetness Unexpected.

Last week was my fifth infusion of Intragram. Even though I was told it would get easier  as the months wore on, it hasn't. The days afterwards are still a lot like you'd imagine the after effects of colliding with a Mac truck would be, with at least one day on the bath room tiles surfing waves of nausea. And yet not so grim. This opportunity clearly represents a blessing. Plus this time around was my kind of weather - a classic hot summer day, the school holidays and the bliss of retreating into a cool, still home afterwards. Arch had had his birthday party the weekend before at "Tunzafun" - little boy heaven with dodgems, laser tag (whatever that is), and unlimited games - and all the presents he'd received from invitees were still strewn over the lounge room floor. This is partly because I dread the idea of integrating yet more toys into the household but also because they are nice and accessible for him and he is still spending hours playing blissfully constr…