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Indulging Colour.

Here are some pics of the wall I painted, over three days last week - from hot pink to duck egg blue. It's part of the rejigging of this room to create some desperately needed workspace for the exhibition I have later in the year. However it is also, I have to admit, the final touch for a personal style I'd previously dubbed 'Marie Antoinette Meets Gidget'. Naturally it was hard to say goodbye to the pink but I knew I wouldn't regret the duck egg blue. I'm obsessed with it. That and pastels in general splashed with neon. Colours which also, coincidentally, happen to be in fashion right now. I don't know what to make of that. Artists, I think, like to consider themselves above trends and fashion and it is hard to admit what a follower you are. Generally though I just love colour. While I admire really clean palettes and a minimalist style I'm not really capable of either. I guess these photos can attest to that. I am however trying to draw back from my habit of too much of everything. Pulling this studio space together the one thing I'm desperate to achieve is a sense of clarity so that there is minimal distraction from getting the work I've committed to for the year done. Not sure how successful I've been with that. Calling it "Marie Antoinette Meets Gidget' for a start doesn't exactly inspire a sense of workplace integrity. What it does do however is inspire the wannabe stylist in me. For the last couple of days I've been playing with this heavenly shade of blue, co opting my new neon pink sandals and various other 'props' into a photo shoot and exercising my amateur photography skills . It's so indulgent this time wasting behaviour, but I just have to exorcise this frothy decorative impulse before tomorrow - the deadline for beginning some serious work. Hoping this lot will do the trick.


Murgatroyd said…
Make no apologies for your love of colour. That duck egg is a winner - even more so when shot with acid yellow. Yum!
Colour is good for the soul. ;D
looks divine, as do your new sandals!
so important to get the space just so before you start something big :)
Anonymous said…
just dropping by to say hi
Anonymous said…
I love it too, such a calming backdrop & it goes with EVERYTHING even the little leopard print!
Good choice!

Anonymous said…
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Tina Smythe said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sue said…
Duck egg blue and yellow - is there nothing that doesn't go with yellow?
maria said…
i lOVE the colour!!

ok... it has been FOREVER since I've written and THAT is what needs an apology (not your love of colour!) :)
i am so sorry it's taken such a long time to get over here and respond to your amazing comment. albeit on my mind every time i'd hop onto my blog, I never had enough time to really tap the response I wanted back to you.

....and I still wont, but I'm glad I got here to say hello and I've missed viewing your finds and inspiration filling your blog.

Back very soon. Swing by mine when you get a chance too. I've been wanting a blog name change for such a long time but I opted for a subtle page and title change - I'm too scared to change the URL and lose lovely followers like you.

Maria x
ps. the neon against the blue (next to the lampshade) is beautiful!
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jessica Stead said…
Your photos are gorgeous, right out of a magazine :-) I love the duck egg blue but I have to say I loved the pink too. ox

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