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Too long away from blogging. Too much time in between posts...Back in that familiar place - paralysis in the face of an upcoming exhibition. I feel as though I shouldn't blog, I should use that time for work but then I don't work since I'm paralysed with fear I wont come up with I dont come up with anything, so I'm not allowed to blog..arghhhh! Trying here to break into that unproductive cycle with some inspiration. I'm going with chalky minty greens...

Source:Via Pinterest
Also how about some pictures of the work table I finally found for my work space? This took ages to find  but now I have it there's no excuse. I found it on Gumtree - the seller posted the dimensions (which were perfect) but no photo. Who does that? Turns out I'm lucky she didn't because if she had it would have sold before I got to it such an amazing bargain it was. I kept hassling her for a photo until finally I thought I'd just go and see it for myself. The suburb…