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I spent today really unwisely. After taking the last five days in recovery from this months treatment (rough, since I fell asleep without reminding the nurses to keep the rate of infusion slow) I woke up to a gorgeous clear skied, sunny day, a clear head and lots of possibilities (relatively speaking at least). So what did I do with those possibilities? I cleaned the house. I vacuumed and dusted. And as the sun set while I finished cleaning the bathroom I began to feel not just dumb crazy tired but a creeping sense of irritation which has sat with me the rest of this evening. I feel restless, frustrated and craving something more life affirming than house chores, hospital, medication taken on time and illness. Why would I use what precious little energy I have on house cleaning? While sometimes the decision to bring life to order via a messy house is just what I need and actually does make me happy, is actually the best use of my energy - today not so. It's a hard call. In hindsight today I would have liked to have gone to a market. Or this cool vintage shop in Norway. Not that that is actually possible given the time frame were discussing or even in a budgetary sense, but here I am doing it virtually. A cute Norwegian shop called 13.  Scroll down my chosen favourites or visit them  here. All the orange and green and 60s/70s kitsch is hitting the spot.


karenw said…
I am feeling for you - I spent the whole weekend moving and cleaning and still have the rest of today to do a pre inspection clean - god I hate renting...

appalling weekend (I know, I somehow made this about me instaed of you but isn't that what bloggong and commenting is about??)

will catch up soon for life affirming hug and bitch session xx
Luna Landing said…
Thanks Karen w. xxxx
Getrealmommy said…
Hey, I have followed your blog for some time and noticed you disappeared, it's nice to see you back. I don't know what is going on with your health, but I hope that you feel well very soon!!
maria said…
HI lovely lady!!!
I hope you're feeling ok. I'm loving the kitsch in this post ;) I can understand how it's all hit the spot!

hey, thank you SO much for visitng my blog. You don't understand the smile I have when I see your comments there. And thank you for the lovely words about my design. I've been playing around with differnt ideas for a while and I think I've found something I'll stick with for a little while.

Anyway...away from my blog and back to you (sorry!). I hope things are going ok with your health, lovely. I'm not sure exactly whats happened. Is everything OK? You don't have to answer here if you don't want.

Maria xxxxx
Anonymous said…
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Luna Landing said…
Thanks Anonymous, I always value your relevant, pleasant making commenting.
Anonymous said…
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