Sunday, June 30, 2013

Prada A/W 2013.

 I try to avoid Prada being one of the only collections I post here, but really how can it be helped? How does she get it so right? The luxury leather in pop colours. Combined with textured tweeds and the modernised retro cut of the jackets and skirts. The turquoise, the brilliant red. The fur, the gingham. The lot.


Getrealmommy said...

Okay, okay, cool clothes, but I do NOT like the runway models, for Prada or maybe any designer. They all look so pissed off. Why would I want to wear clothing that made me look pissed off? And dead, there cheeks are all sunk in. Skeletal. Sorry soap-box issue for me. I do not like high-fashion models ;)

Luna Landing said...

Thamks rachel Totally agree now have had a look beyond the actual clothing - they are particularly skeletal and expressionless - almost to the point of parody. Wonder if Miuccia was in fact creating a kind of "zombie Chic"perhaps?
Well called.