Thursday, April 18, 2013


Too long away from blogging. Too much time in between posts...Back in that familiar place - paralysis in the face of an upcoming exhibition. I feel as though I shouldn't blog, I should use that time for work but then I don't work since I'm paralysed with fear I wont come up with I dont come up with anything, so I'm not allowed to blog..arghhhh! Trying here to break into that unproductive cycle with some inspiration. I'm going with chalky minty greens...

Also how about some pictures of the work table I finally found for my work space? This took ages to find  but now I have it there's no excuse. I found it on Gumtree - the seller posted the dimensions (which were perfect) but no photo. Who does that? Turns out I'm lucky she didn't because if she had it would have sold before I got to it such an amazing bargain it was. I kept hassling her for a photo until finally I thought I'd just go and see it for myself. The suburb the table owners lived in is one of the most expensive addresses in this state which would auger well you'd think but I've seen rich people who think their crap is more valuable than other peoples crap and put a price on it you could only interpret as an insult This was not that. Rich person who wanted to offload an (amazing) piece of furniture at a more than reasonable price - $200. She could easily have got more for this solid dark wood table made from elm. In some ways it is almost too nice for what I'm using it for and if I had a choice I'd probably want lighter toned timber just as it's easier to work on visually. But beggars cant be choosers and I'm pretty happy and ready (please!) to get going.