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Boxing Day.

Boxing day - favourite day of the year!
Leftovers in the fridge, kids playing with toys and nothing better to do than read books, eat and relax...

Still, a new deadline looms. A group exhibition on Feb 20 with the curator wanting the new work a week beforehand. Tomorrow I begin but for today I play.

Below are some detail shots from 'Embodied'.

Exhibition 'Embodied'.

I thought I might use this sleepless night to post some photos of my exhibition which finished nearly three weeks ago. It feels like even longer. All that work done now.

The X - Ray Light Box.

The first X-ray light box. The digital mock up from the drawing board plus it's actual progress so far. Still very much a prototype but getting there slowly.
The idea is to juxtapose the clinical viewing of the body - the modern framing of anatomy that carries with it authority and appropriation (underlined, I would argue, with much fear) - with the nineteenth century view. That is  a curiosity  and a sense of wonder - an almost celebration of the mystery forever  inherent in human corporeality.

Maria Grossman.

Stumbling onto Maria Grossman's site felt like coming across  an open treasure chest of gold. Her eye for colour, pattern and composition are exquisite. The heavy saturation of block colours is really working for me too.

Best Doll's House Ever.

Maria Grossman with Reinhard Hunger. From Maria Grossman's site where styling goes hyperbolic.

Heart as pump.

By Amy Chang. I think it's called Mechanism. Brilliant. More of her work here.

Letterpress and Frames.

My friend Caren dropped around a short time back for a tea drinking session and some art talk. Besides being on the receiving end of much wisdom and advice for my exhibition she also gifted me some of her beautiful letterpress work. For a few days I had it sitting on top of my work, really loving the way the print quality, font and slightly yellowed paper looked against the red. Then I had to move this frame I'd painted in black chalkboard and for lack of any more space put it on top of the print. Anyway I've b Pretty excited I have to say to be getting into Caren's back yard letter press print studio. 

As for the rest of these frames, I love them but I doubt they'll make it into this exhibition. They might have to wait for the next.

Three Birds and A Little Boy.

Over the last few months I've been dropping into the Nishi centre to see Jodie Cunningham and her gorgeous studio space at Three Birds and a little Boy - a pop up shop at the new eco friendly designer Hotel Hotel. Decorated by Netti of April's Caravan the pop up is retro heaven. I take my lap top in and pretend I am getting some work done though really I just like being surrounded by all the creativity. And vintage frocks. And pink plastic flamingoes flying amongst fairy lights.

The Great Surrender.

Here are some pics from the artist's book I made for the Emerging Contemporaries exhibition showing now until the end of March.