Saturday, February 21, 2015


A great opening night at BLAZE 9 - the CCAS annual emerging artist showcase. As usual at these events the highlight - besides the art - is the people that you meet. All enthusiastic about art in it's many, varied forms. I was happy with the feedback my work got and pleased that the work communicated my intentions with a level of success. Also interesting to see the audience interact with the work in ways I hadn't predicted. For example going right up to the most recent work - Medicine Chest III: Subversion - to look through the holes light was seeping out of. That's 250 plus watts of light they were looking right into.

Some work above by Daniel Savage. I saw some intersection in his work of themes I use in my own, for example disability identity theory. The night was such a gab fest though I never got the chance to introduce myself.

R and I after the show still ready (unusually for me) to party on.

( Online catalogue for Blaze 9 found HERE. )

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