Sunday, May 31, 2015

Grants and Applications.

The Australia Council has just been gutted of something like $120 million previously earmarked for grants. That money wont be leaving the arts industry but will become the purse from which funds for the new Australian 'arts for excellence' initiative will be drawn. The difference? The Australia Council is a peer review system with an arm's length approach to it's funding, encouraging artistic experimentation and the other will rely on Peter Dutton as arbiter of what is excellent. Not entirely sure what his qualifications for that role are but get ready I guess for some safe choices.
Meanwhile I managed to get in an application for the last round of Art Start grants not knowing it would be the last opportunity. The sudden axing of these grants happening a couple of weeks ago after this budget announcement. Can't really say I was surprised.
Anyway an images from my recent application to ANCA for their annual PIN show. Mini wearable assemblages and the chance to work some beading in. Beads and bling. Two of my favourite things.

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Kylie Hunt said...

I LOVE them! Great work Mrs :)
Yes, there's more than a trunk load of irony in this new slash and burn initiative, isn't there?
We should have seen it coming when the literary award last year was rigged to have one of the winners a dodgy historian who penned a very right-wing history of the union movement.
State control of the arts... I do recall a similar strategy in 1930s Germany... just sayin ;)