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Wearable Art.

My five finished pieces for ANCA's Pin Six exhibition opening Thursday night. Like the name suggests - wearable art.

Perfect Imperfect by Karen McCartney.

This gorgeous new book I bought - Perfect, Imperfect - by Karen McCartney. McCartney used to be the editor of InsideOut when it was a lot slicker and she seemed to have a personal preference for midcentury modern interiors in their most classic sense, so this is a really gorgeous departure and embraces art over design, the beautiful imperfection of nature and the ethos of wabi sabi. The styling by Glen Proebstel and photography by Sharyn Cairns is exquisite too. It's dark and poetic and also features my favourite place in the world Canberra's Monster Bar and Salon at Hotel Hotel.

The Greedy Heart.

One of the brooches I made for ANCA's exhibition Pin Six - The Greedy Heart. It is like a little pin cushion actually. As I was stuffing it I couldn't believe how much stuffing it was taking, how full and fat it was getting. Then of course, I remembered, of course it would be, being greedy and all. I have four others. Will try and get them up here as well over the week.