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Showing posts from August, 2017

Delpozza Resort 2018.

I am loving the Delpozza 2018 Resort show for reminding me that spring is on its way down here after a loooooong winter. The solid navy silhouettes with sharp neon accents in lime, lemon and orange. So much zest in such small features (check out the pointy toed flats in neon red)! Also loving the clean crisp tailoring in what could be otherwise over the top structural work and graphic elements kept clean against icy whites and blues. Beautiful.

Tim Walker's Egon Schiele inspired editorial for i-D magazine.

Tim Walker's recent work for i-D magazine is recognisable instantly for its source inspiration, artist Egon Schiele. Along with stylist Jakob J they do a gorgeous job recreating Schiele's bright, but sparingly used palette and the postures his models struck. Brilliantly cast too are the models, particularly Schiele's wife and model, Edith Harms.

Studio Space - Jodie Cunningham.

I love images from artist studios and the spaces where they work. This is the amazing studio and gorgeous work of artist Jodie Cunningham. Jodie works in so many different mediums — often recycled materials and always with attention to colour. If you love colour this space is particularly divine.