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Showing posts from September, 2017

Comic Book Heroines for Prada Spring 2018.

While 1960s comic book heroines featured on bags, coats, cardigans, shirts and dresses for Prada's Spring 2018 collection there's a kind of 1980s subtext here too. With the PRADA font, the colour palette - lots of bright red and electric blue — plus those silhouettes. It's hard then not to think of a 1980s night club when I see this collection — the underground print press with screen printed posters  and thus a little bit of punk too. All very pre-Madonna. Yay Prada!

Marni Spring 2018.

Spring here in the southern hemisphere so what a great time to be receiving these gorgeous images of Marni's 2018 collection. Lots of classic silhouettes and proportions messed with — waists dropped, hips and shoulders expanded to an almost cartoonish degree; full skirts with frayed hems; pastels mixed with jewel tones; checks and stripes mixed with graphic florals; brocades, chunky embellishments.....
But really, those graphic florals. Long, long sigh....