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Dottie Angel.

One of my favourite blogs is Dottie Angel. I particularly like all the little styling she does around her house, the resalvaging of furniture projects and most of all the colours she uses. She has something like 904 inspiring photos on her flikr site if you need an excuse to waste (I mean invest) time on the computer!

Love the simplicity of this room and especially the Orla Kielly wallpaper. Must start saving for some now!!
How could you ever be unhappy in a space like this???

Carried Away 2.

Clearly my longing to own this dream vintage luggage was made known to others for even though I was painstakingly paying it off bit by bit on layby my parents came to the rescue and voila! Christmas time arrived and well, you can guess the rest... I now own it! And I still can't believe it every time I look at it. It is just soooo glamourous and the blue colour with the cream trim is just so lovely. It has inspired a desperately needed reorganisation of my wardrobe, housing part of my vintage clothing collection and storing most of my fabrics. I'm told it dates back to the 1940s. It puts me in mind of American College girls of that era off to stay in a university dorm and get an education that will help them make a good marriage. (What's that movie with Julia Roberts? The Mona Lisa Smile?)...

Student Life Revisited.

It's been almost twenty years since I was last a student and thus certain things I'd always held to be true about student life as I experience them had been forgotten. Not to worry. Was reminded pretty much within minutes of my first class.
TRUTH 1 I will have to find out about the person next to me and introduce them to the rest of the class. I will almost certainly be sitting on the wrong side of the room so am last to speak and by that time will be visibly nervous, exhibiting many of the signs associated with social/phobic disorder set out in the DSM-IV. Also will not have heard anyone elses intoductions and will still be asking them their name by the the end of semester.
TRUTH 2 The first paragraph of the course handbook will not make any sense to me even though I give it three or four goes. Will wonder if am undiagnosed dyslexic. Will recall preference for comics as child over traditional text. Ponder link between creativity and dyslexia. Make mental note to google famous dy…

Valentine's Day.

I think, amongst all the different kinds of ways to catergorise people, there can be Adventure people and Creative people. The way I see it Adventure People go out into the world and take some of that back into themselves while in contrast Creative People go into themselves and put some of that back out into the world. While I am in the latter catagory my intended of the last thirteen years is more the Adventure kind. He loves to go out into the world and have new experiences. In contrast I am quite content to be at home and make stuff. Add to that a chronic disease which at times makes grocery shopping something of an 'XTREME adventure' then these differences can be even more exaggerated. Luckily for me and my intended of the last thirteen years we have our meeting point: we both love books and ideas. Our ideal date is in a book shop. Even better if that bookshop has magazines, coffee and cake like Borders Canberra does. So in the spirit of the day hooray Borders Canberra - I …

Katy Smail.

Here are some great illustrations by Katy Smail. I just love them - especially as fashion illustrations - the fushia skirt or the red shoes... Her website describes her work in these words: GIRLS WHO DANCE FROM THE PAGES OF DUSTY BOOKS TO GATHER THEIR MELANCHOLY THOUGHTS, LOST LOVERS THAT TOOK FLIGHT UPON FEATHERED WING, PAPER PETS, WRETCHED CREATURES, FASHIONISTAS, BROKEN HEARTS, STORIES, WORDS AND PICTURES... Find more of her work here.

Dreaming of Neon Yellow.

Not that long ago I was hating yellow. A reaction of having loved it throughout the 90s and covered my entire hallway in it. But now it's back. And being the sad old slave to fashion that I am I love it again. This time it's slightly neon. And that reminds me of the 1950s. And that's a good thing. (This chair is on ebay at the moment and way out of my league. But I can dream).

Even the local St Vinnies is getting in on the act. I drove by last week and was drawn back by the window dressing. They are getting so canny these days at Vinnies. And not just the window dressing. Remember when no one there had any inkling what something was worth? Nothing was ever over $10. Now they totally know the value of vintage. This dress for example (though not strictly vintage) was priced at $35.
Having said that I did score these platform shoes for $6 - patent leather and just my size. Why, they will be perfect for the school dropoff I thought to myself. And just the thing for the after s…


Has anyone noticed the sharp social commentary to have crept into my work of late? Like for example take a close look at that little Chihuahua.
No? Me neither. And that's of concern because I am about to embark on a part time art and design course at CIT and feel almost sure that this little lot is not what the course directors have in mind. Therefore have only short space of time left to adopt some deeply held opinions regarding the major art movements of the 20th century and also to develop some sharp social observations so they might surface in my work.
Note to self: Must become edgy. Must produce work of more depth. Possibly give chihauhau expressive eyebrows to suggest ironic take on felt.


Friedamaria (design duo frieda mellema and margo maria weijer from the Netherlands) designs clothes that strike me as the perfect mix between fashion art and craft.

Free Machine Embroidery.

Here is my (unfinnished) first go at Free Machine embroidery. Have wanted to try this for ages but had no idea how. Then went to You Tube and watched a couple of tutorials and voila! It is so much fun (basically drop the feed dog, fix a darning foot (or not) and you're off. It's like drawing but the needle and thread are your pencil). It's going to be a long time before I get sick of this. PS these are the first photos taken with my Nikon D3000 saved up for on ebay!!!

More Felties.

Yay - completed another Feltie from Nelly Pailloux's book. Not within two hours mind you. I know someone who made 9 of these to put in goodie bags at her daughters 13th birthday. What a champion. I think ones enough for me. Will probably try and move on to some of my own stuff now but this is a really cool book if you just want to be spoon fed some craft. The instructions come in written steps but also visual step by step diagrams. The clearest I've ever come accross so good for kids too.