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The Offending Self Portrait.

Here is the self portrait  I did a few weeks back which had me wallowing in, it has to be said, a rather unattractive mood. I think what upset me so much was that I reworked/ kept 'fixing' the first one (at bottom of post) so much  I lost a lot of what had been spontaneous and had been working. In the end, despite the final result (just below before the colour glazing being added) being so 'controlled'  - I have always assumed control was the antithesis of painting - I think it is better one. It looks more like me for a start. And thank goodness I stuffed up the eyes and decided to just paint them shut (I was running out of time) as it definitely gives the painting the right mood given as I am holding my first born! I'd have to say it  turned out ok, but I can still see stuff I like in the first one that was lost in the reworking (eg the larger brush strokes in the back ground). Good enough however for a first go at painting and not fully warrenting the original me…


Dromma  is a site which  I love to visit for it's pretty vintage inspired dresses and photography and thought I'd share it here. As it is Swedish I can't read the text but it doesn't seem to matter as the photography is so lovely and it probably serves to make the owner of the blog all the more fascinating to me. She has a face that makes me want to draw and I love peeking into her home - it's almost as if she is living in the Forties.  She has a shop too where she sells the pretty vintage inspired clothes (I am assuming!) she makes. Have a look. And get the translation too - I think the text is in verse.

Saturday Night.

Here's a couple of my favourite interiors pics from off the web to enjoy on a Saturday night. It's been a long week - kicked a knee infection, came face to face with my old high school and celebrated Ruby's successful trumpet audition for the state Primary School Band. see you in the morning! x

Are Ears The New Black?

Hooray! It appears girls with sticky outy ears can now come out of hiding. If the above photos in this months British Vogue are anything to go by the long wait is over. No need to be shy anymore. Such Good News (not personally you understand...I'm just pleased for those poor unfortunate girls who now can take their hats and headbands's nothing to me...).

Sucked In By Billie Bones.

Have you seen Billie Bones on TV yet? He's a plastic skeleton delivered to your house bone by bone in weekly instalments alongside a magazine booklet full of interesting facts about the human body. Suitable for young kids. Aimed in fact at young kids. Probably mostly six year old boys like the one in our house. I was oblivious until Billie's elaborately packaged skull turned up to the house the other day with my mother. Archie had somehow spied it in the local newsagent and told his Grandmother all about the fantastic series you could collect and guess what? This introductory offer of skull and magazine - which comes with a life size poster of Billy and all twenty of Billie's teeth which you get to insert yourself  - is yours for only $2.95. That's right, you heard correct. Only $2.95. Trouble is all instalments after that are $11.95. So if you end up collecting all of Billie's bones to build his life size (six year old) skeleton plus his vital organs you will have…

Fun drawing With Fairy Tales.

Fairy tales are huge at the moment as you probably already know - all over the place in fashion editorials and illustration etc. so while sitting in front of the tv at night with pencil and sketch book I have been letting my doodling head in that direction. I mean, God Forbid a trend should pass me by.  This is so much fun as accuracy and reality are less important, imagination is freed up to go anywhere and  subject matter happily treads along the dark side. This begun with a badly needed exercise drawing hands but that was just too much hard work so it drifted into this bigger drawing which still needs finishing - not sure it will be though....

Young At Art.

I know as parents we shouldn't place undue expectations on our children but really there's worse a parent can do than push a child to realise your own unfulfilled dreams in the art/design world. Right? With this in mind I've been seizing on Archie's new found enthusiasm for whipping up cards when the occasion warrants (birthdays, Mothers' Day...) scrutinising them for a latent talent.  Hmmmm...... Enough, in truth, just to see all the magic a six year old contains express itself on paper. These latest examples bring a great big smile (and sometimes even a laugh) to my face.

Marie Antoinette Meets Gidget.

It can be hard when entering my studio not to be slightly put off by the clutter, the dust and the unfinished projects leaning up against walls. On Saturday however while lying on the studio bed (it's also the spare room, kids craft space, tv room etc) with sunlight coming in at all directions I  only noticed the colours and textures. So I decided to take some photos of the small windows of perfect my eye caught - while ignoring the what needed finishing, fixing, dusting. Even the unfinished chandeliers seemed good enough as is. Hope you enjoy these photos like I enjoyed taking them. The discerning observer might even pick up a subtle leaning toward kitsch...

A Tretchikoff In The Doll's House.

Don't ask me how they did it but the doll house inhabitants have got themselves an original Tretchikoff!


What do you do when you have a friend who is having a birthday and the friend is lovely plus has babysat your kids countless times for free? You do their portrait in polymer clay of course. Then make it into a card. The fun part about doing this card was giving the outfit green gloves to match the present - a green beaded elk necklace which I'm pretty sure is going to suit the recipient down to the ground. Of course before it was wrapped said necklace and card had to partake in a photo shoot...

The Magic Garage (aka The Wardrobe Project).

So here is the vintage wardrobe Ruby and I 'rescued' from the Salvos for a not small amount of cash ($130 to be exact). OMG, we said upon discovery, it is exactly what we are after. We'll just sand it back and paint it white and that will be it. After all that is all there is to furniture restoration right? First things first though, we'll have it delivered to my Dad's garage and work on it there. Dad knows a bit about these things. He'll 'guide' us. Plus, it has to be said, he does have a very special garage- for example it has been known to exhibit magical properties. Sometimes you can leave one of your trickier projects in there and when you return the next day it's done. I know, it's amazing. Elves, I expect. But I will tell you now - I am not relying on the elves. This wardrobe is to be a learning curve for me. Will post regular pictures of our hard work. And hard work it might be - it seems the previous owners gave it a decorative paint fi…