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The Magic Garage (aka The Wardrobe Project).

So here is the vintage wardrobe Ruby and I 'rescued' from the Salvos for not small amount of cash ($130 to be exact).OMG, we said upon discovery, it is exactly what we are after. We'll just sand it back and paint it white and that will be it. After all that is all there is to furniture restoration right? First things first though, we'll have it delivered to my Dad's garage and work on it there. Dad knows a bit about these things. He'll 'guide' us. Plus, it has to be said,he does have a very special garage- for example it has been known to exhibit magical properties. Sometimes you can leave one of your trickier projects in there and when you return the next day it's done. I know, it's amazing. Elves, I expect. But I will tell you now - I am not relying on the elves. This wardrobe is to be a learning curve for me. Will post regular pictures of our hard work. And hard work it might be - it seems the previous owners gave ita decorative paint finish using some unknown medium. Super glue perhaps?


it is beautiful- boo on people who paint is and make extra work for the next 'makeover'.
Anonymous said…
Lucky find, good luck with the project.
Laydebird said…
missed this post..lucky you didnt miss this find. Great score and that garage sounds fantastic the only thing our garage does is produce cobwebs and dust!

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