Monday, June 28, 2010


Hmmmm. Concerned with six year olds subject of artistic inquiry. Have gone overnight from drawing colourful pets and hapless dinosaurs to sketches of trench warfare.
Where's that coming from? Surely if six year old was needing to express angst in own artwork we'd see drawings of playground arguments or a plate of mummy's muffins. Not unarmed civilians being shot at by tanks as they climb out of trenches. The air raid looks pretty scary too. When asked he said they were in a different classroom for Indonesian Studies and found an "army picture" under the desk he was at. That day he came home, went straight to his room and whipped up the above two page art extravaganza within fifteen minutes. Army Picture sure made impression.     
Of course wont make big deal of it. Not that kind of mother. Will tell six year old they are lovely drawings and look forward to one of similar on next years Mother's Day card.

PS Click on images to see all the action.


Getrealmommy said...

ha ha! Zack asks me what grandpa would like on his Father's Day card. Does grandpa like Robots? How about Sponge Bob? ohhh, grandpa just loves sponge bob! you should see his office! It's all bikini bottom and pinapple under the sea! I am just waiting for the death pictures myself. good times.

Minnado said...

Back in January, I gave my then six year old a plain calico bag and fabric pens - he decorated it with pictures of men with guns and wrote GUN several times just to make sure. It came out of nowhere I think - maybe it's a phase??