Monday, November 15, 2010

Good News.

Good news. Archie seems to be enjoying singing time at school. A lovely surprise when he starts singing a song from school, if a little incompletely, at the dinner table in a soft sweet voice. Something about a bit of algae making friends with a bear, lyrics only my daughter bothers to decode: "Do you realise he's singing about a bear that eats his new friend?" she warned me. And yes, if I'm hearing right the Bear does "grow Bulgy" and the "Bulge is Algae" but does it matter? He's singing. He's participating is the point.
Not so long ago I took my mum to an assembly where Archie had one of the main non speaking parts (bless his teacher) as a pirate. Before the main attraction the music teacher struck up a tune on the piano all of which the children seemed to know and sing along to. Except Archie. Who was staring up at the ceiling. "What's wrong?" I whispered to my mother, alarmed. "Why isn't my little boy joining in the singing?"
"I don't know" whispered my mother, equally confused "It appears he has slipped into a coma". 
Three songs later and the ceiling was still holding his attention. Later that afternoon, after congratulating him on his original take on being a pirate, I ask "Why weren't you singing along with all the other little boys and girls?"
"It was bor-wing." he said of which I duly report to my mother.
"...and that's why he wasn't joining in the singing" I tell her.
"Maybe he's Bold and Beautiful" she suggests, confusing the school's 'Gifted and Talented' programme with a mid afternoon soap opera. "Have you spoken with his teacher?"
"Hmmm. It wouldn't hurt to get him tested" I say.
And who knows? Little bits of talent seem to be popping up everywhere. Just this morning he surprised us with his beat box stylings from the back of the car.
 "Aka spitting into his hands." Ruby snorts from the passenger's seat, trying not to laugh "Gross......"


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I think staring at the ceiling is a great mechanism when you're nervous or scared?!?
My monkeys are in choir and hate it- I keepmmaking them go because I figure they'll at least learn the songs.

karenw said...

With his truly gifted Mum how can he not have latent musical abilities waiting to pop out??
You'll be pleased to know Archie is in Henry's class this morning. Three of them lobbed outside the class door, and after a bit of pushing and shoving abd the whispered 'you go first', 'no you' - they boldly made their entrance, with very loud declarations that 'we've been splitted today!!' very funny kids. xxx