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The Week Past and the Week Ahead.

Seem to have survived the first week back at school. A huge one for my big girl - starting high school - but she seems to have thrived in the new environment and hopefully there's no looking back now. Business as usual for my little boy but plans to hold his birthday party for 17 six and seven year olds at an establishment so aptly called "Monkey Mania" next week is keeping him in high spirits and me in a state of mild anxiety. Practised making him a dinosaur cake yesterday and lucky I did. Scroll down for a free laugh, it's on me. Why is it so hard to make it look like the picture in the book? I am sure they are leaving out vital information. Something like "Must use professional food colourants available only at industrial outlets on the outskirt of town" or "Just outsource the cake you inept moron". Sigh. Lets hope the actual party effort is an improvement....
Well true to form as soon as seasonal changes crept into the weather on came the trans seasonal bugs. I'd been three weeks without one and had managed to achieve heaps around the house and was kind of on a high about that when it arrived. But there was still so much more on the to do list and I wasn't going to admit defeat. My School (CIT) starts back this week and I had hoped to do something with the bare walls in the house before it had. So in between lying exhausted in bed and getting kids off to school and back I hammered a few holes in the wall. That's kind of exhausting in itself but I was determined, the hammer and hooks lying by my bed during the breaks. Up went a lot of frames - some photos, others just vintage frames from my mother in law's house clear out last year. Before long I realised that getting stuff thats been laying around the house up and on the walls, actually clears out a lot of storage area and neatens up the house no end. I began to wonder (insert Carrie Bradshaw voice here) is hanging stuff up on the wall the New Storage? No seriously, that's why you can see my little red 1950s bag, which had been looking for a home, hanging up there. Endless possibilities....
So now all left to worry about (and I am worried) is how I'm going to cope with a stepped up schedule of study this year. Two days a week from 9.00 till 3.00. I send a little mantra out about my head whenever I get too nervous  which is you can only try and it helps a lot. Oh, and that goes for the cake too.


wow ~ high school! glad it's going ok. good luck with the party ~ the cake doesn't look so bad to me :)
Minnado said…
The cake looks good - you should have seen the racing car cake I made a few years looked more like a tank. Your hallway looks good.I like it. HIgh school seems so grown up. My son turns eight at the end of feb and that seems so big :)
Ros said…
I thought your hallway was a picture from a magazine. You are supremely creative. You are absolutely right about the new storage. I think you may have started something. Send it into a magazine .... and see what comes of it ... maybe a cheque??

The cake is fabulous. I am hoping you have frozen it and don't have to make it again.

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